Selasa, 19 November 2013

your choose..

And indeed one of the hardest decision to make is
Either to walk away or to try harder
I would choose to try harder
For Allah will only gives when you gives your effort

Try again and again
Renew your intention again and again
Wake up at night again and again
Tawakkal upon Him again and again
And never feel tired to give again and again
For He indeed sees your effort and hears your dua
Worry not dear heart
And after you put your full trust in Him
He surely gives
Without doubt

For He knows whats best right?
And indeed if you have tried a few times
And with Istikharah

It is not the best
Be alert of what has Allah send
For maybe indeed whats best for you
Is something that is infront of you already

But you choose to ignore
Because you think its not the best for you
While Allah says it is best for you
Till then

Walk away from your choice
Walk towards Allah’s choice for you
Choose what Allah has given you
Chase not what Allah has taken away from you
For behind everything there’s reasons and blessings.