Jumaat, 10 Julai 1992


Assalamualaikum. My name is Putri. I'm 20. I live at K.Terengganu, i want to be a good muslimah, insyaallah...

» I love cendol,blogging but sometime i like to write..hoho.
» I hate mathematic subject..lol!!..because i'm not genius math subject...haha.

» Birth name: Putri
» Nickname: Ayu, Wani
» Birthday: 09 Muharram 1413H
» Horoscope: Cancer
» Birthplace: Terengganu, Malaysian
» Blood type: AB
» Height: 165 cm
» Weight: 47 kg
» Family members: Father, Mother, 3 boy,3 girl, Me
» Interests: Music, read novel, design, art, writing, books
» Specialty: unknown
» Favorite color: white, Black, pink
» Favorite food: Everything

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Puteri Wani unfined..hhaha....